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An action/adventure novel by Hayley McMinn (published December 2013)

Looking for a good read?
BUILDING MELISANDE, A Western Romance is now available in softcover at www.amazon.com

STRETCHED YET UNBROKEN - A Family Knit Together Continues Their Legacy of Faith

A five generation family memoir of God's faithfulness
by Shari Howard McMinn (published November 2014)

STRETCHED YET UNBROKEN is currently for sale.  Go to www.amazon.com for Kindle version, or for hardback and e-book, go to the book website:    www.StretchedYetUnbrokenBook.com 
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Written as a tribute to a beloved husband and father, Cary Neal McMinn, the autobiographical account of one man's life with his extended family will inspire men and women of God to serve Him daily in the large and small things of life, as we know not the day nor the hour.  We must all be ready to meet our maker.

STRETCHED has wide audience appeal.  It is a five generation account of God's faithfulness, including transcriptions of hand-written journals from McMinn and Howard ancestors who homesteaded in the late 1800s, survived the Depression, then thrived in the post-war years.

The memoir has chapters on many culturally pertinent topics including: Adoption, Family Economics, Homeschooling, Parenting, Orphan and Widow Care, and Small-Scale Farming. 

STRETCHED is a testament to God's blessing and provision for sinners who turn to Him during the ups and downs of life.  It recounts a covenant marriage blessed with 11 children, a family who lives over-the-top for Christ, and a widow's journey to find her 'new normal'. in the next season of life.

First read reviews share these thoughts: 'have tissue near'; 'concise, moving, and faith cultivating'; 'inspirational'; 'a great read'; 'interesting history, amazing family faith'.


 A short feature film written and directed by Hayley McMinn (coming soon)

Public Speaking Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations by Author and Speaker,  Shari Howard McMinn, are from a Christian Worldview.  Topics include (but are not limited to): 

  • Adoption
  • Childhood Nutrition
  • Conservatism
  • Family Economy
  • Frugal Living
  • Homeschooling, including Adopted and Special Needs as well as College Bound
  • Pro-Active Parenting
  • Small-Scale Sustainable Farming
  • Working Widowhood
  • Writing as a Second Career

A series of professional presentations based on experience, not just theory!

Are you in need of a Guest Speaker for your church retreat, support group meeting, or upcoming community event?  Shari's engaging and informative 60-120 minute presentations include a colorful PowerPoint, printed outline for note-taking, Q&A, and if requested, 'homework' to extend the learning. 

For speaker availability and fee quotation, please email your engagement request to:  mcminnbcfarm@frii.com

You may download the PDFs below for a preview of a typical presentation.  Have a special topic of interest?  Shari can tailor a talk to fit your specific need and target  audience.

Successful Homeschooling Despite Trauma and Stress

COME AND GET IT:  Childhood Nutrition for Optimum Development - Birth to 8 Years

Becoming a Published Author:  My Personal Journey to Write for the Lord's Glory

Doubling Your Husband’s Income by Becoming a Frugal Homemaker; Forming Simple, Thrifty Habits to Cut Your Spending in Half

Abundant Gardening; Tips for Production and Ornamental Gardens in the Arid High Plains of Colorado

In Memory
Cary Neal McMinn, Registered Architect, Master of Business Administration-Finance, small business owner, beloved husband and father, and friend of God, was the Executive Producer of Expanding Horizons Media.

Sadly, Cary died very unexpectedly in his sleep of a heart attack on June 2, 2013.  Our family's hearts are broken, yet we have hope in our Savior Jesus Christ and know beyond all doubt that Cary is with Him in the paradise we call Heaven.

Cary, and daughter Hayley, founded EXPANDING HORIZONS MEDIA in the spring of 2013.  Immediately they began the film project "Beneath the Tree of Imagination".  The script was written by Hayley, and she also directed this short feature film.  Two of our children starred with her in the production, and all of us helped with the various parts of film making.

An avid movie-goer, who longed to see more family oriented, God-honoring films written and produced, Cary was so pleased that we were able to begin this film making work together as a family.  The film was in post-production when he died.  EHM will continue on as a wholly owned subsidiary of our family owned and operated BLESSED CREEK FARM.

 EXPANDING HORIZONS MEDIA is focused on providing high-quality MEDIA SERVICES and PRODUCTS.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates.

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